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Porsche Campaign

As a student in the Texas Media and Analytics program, I was able to compete against my peers to create an advertising campaign for Porsche. The guidelines were to appeal to a Gen Z audience. Our group of five chose to target our women in the industry between the ages of 18 and 25. Out of the six groups who participated, our idea was ranked #1 by the panelist of Porsche employees we presented to.

Position: Strategist and Designer

For this competition, our  main focus was targeting an audience that Porsche hasn't been as successful with in the past. Young women who are high up in the workforce seemed like a perfect group because they have the means to buy a car, but based on our research, Porsche wasn't their go to brand. Throughout our campaign, we lead with the message that Porsche isn't just a man's car, it's a powerful car for a powerful woman.  As co-designer, I created the iPhone mock up and presentation.

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