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Escaping Grayson

Escaping Grayson is a walk through immersive experience I created over the course of 3 months for The Texas Immersive Institute's Immersive Storytelling course. The mixed reality showcase consisted of 4 activations that brought the audience into the world of Greyson, a lifeless city which harbored several portals that brought light and music in a unique and interactive way.

Position: Creator and Writer

"Escaping Grayson" is the second full scale immersive experience I've created, but the first I'd written on my own. As someone who is passionate about music and entertainment, I wanted to make a world that allowed my audience to not only hear the music around them, but feel it, smell it, and event taste it.  I had heavy influences from Dolby Laboratory's work in interactive entertainment as well as light artist James Turrell. To get a better sense of my vision, click the links below.

Photo Gallery

Escaping Grayson 2.PNG
Escaping Grayson 4 (garbage.PNG
Escaping Grayson 3.PNG
Escaping Grayson 5 (Library).PNG
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