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DOUGHP Campaign

DOUGHP is an edible cookie dough company that gained popularity after being featured on Shark Tank in 2017. Although the company has closed all storefronts, the product can still be found online and in grocery stores. Aside from creating unique flavors, DOUGHP is known for breaking the stigma around addiction recovery.

Position: Art Director and Writer

For the Master's Creative Strategies course, our group of 5 created  the DOUGHP  "Party for One" campaign which targeted single, working millennial women looking for a fast and delicious dessert. One of the main selling points of our campaign  was the Party for One box. This was a subscription box that included the DOUGHP flavor or your choice, stickers, t-shirts and more. As co-designer, I created the boxes as well as the contents inside.

Photo Gallery

Doughp Box 1.jpg
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Doughp Box Inside 2.jpg
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